Home of Distinction


The Marketplace

Home of Distinction projects are joint marketing initiatives between upper bracket custom home builders, cutting edge products and services, award winning developers and architects, leading TV stations and high profile charities. Extraordinary homes are built to showcase state-of-the-art products and services. Once the homes are complete, they are held open for tour to benefit a local charity. Through television segments, the internet and the tours, consumers can pick up new ideas for building or remodeling their own home. For more information go to Home of Distinction.


The Marketplace is a large, public event showcasing a leading local grocer. The grocer, along with their food and consumer product manufacturers, display their items and educate consumers about their products. This event provides the perfect opportunity for the grocer and manufacturers to connect directly with the consumers in an upscale, interactive environment. For more information about our marketplace events, visit Hen House Holiday Celebration (our largest annual marketplace event).