Here are just a few of our favorites...


"I am getting all kinds of EXCELLENT exposure and I think I will get at least a few houses out of this.  The house is showing awesome.  Almost everybody that came on Friday was either already building or about to start.  I cannot believe how many people I met over the past three days that build high-end custom homes every few years! "
   – Eric Brown, Everett Custom Homes—Charlotte, NC

"I have participated in more than 20 parade home and charity home projects in my many years in business. The quality of people who came to our show far exceeded any other event I have been a part of. They were qualified prospects; not just people who were looking for a place to come inside and get out of the summer heat."
   – Mark Dale, Owner, Carriage Homes, Inc.—Oklahoma City

"Tamra and her group at TL Concepts did a fantastic job with our High Performance Home Sponsorship. Completely satisfied with the sales process through the design, advertising as well as the final tour set up and wrap up newsletter. Her team was outstanding and the results of having several active leads from the show is the proof.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
   – Michael McMillan Schreiner Custom Homes—Charlottle, NC

“The Homes of Distinction at Stone Creek Ranch is by far the best marketing project our company has ever done.” 
   – Jason Mattern, Mattern & FitzGerald Homes—San Antonio

“I was walking out of a restaurant the other day, and a stranger stopped me on the street. Then said to me, “aren’t you the builder I saw on TV.” As soon as I began the Concept Home program, it’s like my company had instant recognition.”
   - Jay Robinette, President, Robinette Builders—Charlotte

"Thanks for the show and everything else. You and TL are awesome. I wish we could work with a TL-type firm in every area of life. Fabulous!"
   – Brian Henderson, Developer/Owner Lost Run Farm—Indianapolis

“Overall it turned out really good. Heard nothing but positive from the 3 builders. Lots of good prospects. Charity had a good group and did a good job. Brought Menger Springs some good exposure. Realtor called from Realtor Day with prospect. Negotiating with buyer right now on a lot. It was great for overall awareness of Menger Springs.”
   – Michael Velsaco, Realtor for Menger Springs—San Antonio


“We got lots of calls, lots of interest in the flooring, we've already quoted 2-3 customers that came in the store and asked about it, wanted to say thank you. It was a pleasure working with you."
   -Bob Catapano, Floor & Decor—Atlanta

“It was wonderful to work on this project and I hope to be able to have another opportunity again in the future. ”
   - Jody Wilens, Interior Design Transformations & Home Staging—Washington DC

"TLConcepts approached us about a Green Tour that would allow us full display rights within the homes-helping the builder explain the insulation (our hybrid concepts) with full blown DVD, touch and feel displays. We found this immensely educational to the consumer and incredibly beneficial for the builders. Our full-foam builder sold his $1M home during the parade-in spite of the market conditions. We discovered a few months later, that by parking our trailer on site between the tour homes (vacant lot) and the additional walk-in attic displays and garage displays, that production builders seeking new ideas wandered in and found us. We met with three in this fashion. It wasn’t just the TV ad, the radio or the print, but the “touch and feel” aspect that got their attention. It was very professional."
   – Valinda McAlister, Marketing Director, Key Insulation—San Antonio

“This was the first time I advertised my business on television, and the response was amazing. All of a sudden every one in Austin recognized my name and the name of my company.”
   - Quint Cowan, Branch Manager, Interceramic Tile & Stone—Austin

“The tour has been a wonderful benefit for me. I have probably sold a million dollars worth of business through the tour. I also love the fact that every time my commercial runs my phone rings.”
   - Mike Flanagan, Owner, Home Systems by Design—Kansas City

“I am so glad we did the Concept Home program. I have received so many leads. Please let me know when the next Concept Home program is beginning in Kansas City.”
   - Heidi Hellum, General Manager, Steve Knox Gallery—Kansas City

"What a great event and we are very happy it went so well! We look forward to future events and all the best for the hospital. Thanks to Dave for the courage to do a spec home in this market and his team for a job well done; Tamra, Michelle and Shannon for the coordination of the marketing efforts; and the new buyers for putting a smile on all our faces!!!!!  And, of course, the volunteers!"
   - The Ray Group—Phoenix

“This was the first time I advertised my business on television, and the response was amazing. I got a moving bid request for 7500 sq foot home on the first day my vignette aired.”
   - Doug Cubat, Owner, Longhorn Moving Company—Dallas

“This commercial is working great for us! Thank you to you and everybody involved on doing such a great job!”
   - Scott Glubke, General Manager, Builder Plus—North Texas

“Hey the traffic was wonderful this weekend. We are excited to see the results. We had a few people in this weekend that came straight over after they toured the houses. ”
   - Lisa Todd, Showroom Manager, Luxury of Leather—Dallas

“The extra exposure generated from the home tour is, and has been fortuitous. We are anticipating the next project.”
   - John, Sales Representative, DME Access, Inc.—Chicago

“We want to thank WCNC and Jay Robinette Builders for the opportunity to participate in the 2005 Levine Children's Hospital Charity House. For a variety of reasons, we had dramatic and immediate sales results. The benefits - indeed, the privilege - of supporting this important community effort, personally and as a business, we will have long-lasting effects.”
   - Jim Baynton, Carolina Kitchen & Bath Design Studio—Charlotte

“Hughes Supply has really benefited from our involvement in the WCNC Charity Home. We have started doing business with a builder who wasn't previously using us and have really developed a great relationship. We received tremendous exposure from the television ads and have many customers coming into our showrooms wanting to see the product we put in the home. We also get the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause for the Levine Children's Hospital. We definitely received a major return in our investment.”
   - Matt Booth, Manager, Hughes Kitchen and Bath Collection—Charlotte

“Our current prestige in the luxury end of the cabinetry world has been elevated by our participation in the Concept House. Our name recognition has increased and we look forward to the future opportunity we will have for a second Concept House.”
   - Karen Holcomb, Cabinet Designer, Desiging Kitchens & Baths—Charlotte

"I was totally pleased with the experience. We are already bidding several jobs from the tour. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We had a representative on-site during the entire tour which gave us immediate leads to follow-up."
   - Tricia Thompson, Co-Principal, ENMAR Hardwood Flooring, Inc.—Phoenix

"I appreciate your work in bringing this opportunity to us and your attention to detail throughout the process. This is going to be a cool event and I’m glad that we’re involved."
   - WTHR13, TV partner—Indianapolis


"Tom and I would like to thank TL Concepts for giving us the opportunity to participate in their "Home of Distinction" program. We are honored to be a part of the charity I Am A Foot Soldier. Being parents of three sons we realize the importance in guiding youth at an early age and giving them opportunities to grow into productive citizens. Providing them with good examples they can use in everyday life, not only in school but in the real world throughout their lives. We are thankful for those who have participated with us in this program and for their dedicated work in order to make this program a success."
 – Tom and Claire Shaffer (Home Owners)—Charlottle, NC


“I'm very proud to have been part of such a worthy endeavor. Frank Snodgrass and Jay Robinette are true gentlemen and a pleasure to work with.”
   - Melodie Durham, Carolina Interiors—Charlotte


"Events such as the Homes of Distinction and the many parties held in our honor, help us to close the gap on this historic budget shortfall."
   - Beth Reinhardt, Boysville, Inc.—San Antonio

“We are extremely grateful for the event and for being chosen as the beneficiary for the 2006 Banner Ford Concept Home in the Sanctuary. With fundraising events it is unheard of to have new donors to the event exceed 50%. With the Concept Home, over 90% of the guests were brand new donors to us at Bridge House. We will be receiving benefits for years to come with all the new relationships that were built.”
   - Kevin Gardere, The Bridge House—New Orleans

“The promotion for the tour was amazing. Great job! We saw it everywhere and it was very professionally done. We would definitely like to do this again.”
   - Ann Hall and Nancy Frick, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital—Indianapolis

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